Core Values

Chinook Power Corp.

Environmental Values

The environment is a complex structure of interdependent ecosystems.  Diverse in nature, these ecosystems are the very reason we exist today.  Upsetting the natural balance of these ecosystems can have incalculable consequences.  For example, whether or not climate change is a direct result of human activity, the fact remains that climate change is happening.  The question is whether we can work to mitigate or reduce its consequences.

Since the industrial revolution, we have built up a debt to the environment by using the atmosphere as a dumping ground.  Regardless of whether this was done consciously or not, we have a responsibility to pay this debt, helping the ecosystems restore their natural balance.

Doing so does not mean less jobs, more taxes, lower salaries, poor efficiency, low production or a depressed commerce.  What is does mean is a re-think of how we conduct ourselves in everyday life.  For Chinook, this means working with nature as opposed to trying to control it.

Wind energy naturally works with nature; however, a consequence is that the variability in wind speed means that a typical wind farm cannot meet electricity demand all the time.

This is a condition for working with nature, with the trade-off being a cleaner environment.  To resolve the desire for ‘on-demand’ electricity, a structure of distributed wind farms combined with other renewable energy sources (e.g. solar, run of river, wave and tidal) as well as storage (e.g. battery or compression technology) can provide the base capacity and energy required to match load at any time.

And, as far as jobs, taxes and the economy go, the renewable energy sector produces more jobs than the oil and gas sector, provides stable tax revenues for governments and communities and supports rural (local) businesses.

Corporate Values

Our core values are supported by the following pillars:


We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, respecting the law, human rights and protection of the environment.


We treat people with respect and nurture a culture of openness and honesty.  We invest in the development of people and communities with a goal of returning exceptional value.


We take ownership in our actions and are committed to our partners / stakeholders and to environmental sustainability.