First Nations

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First Nations

It is no secret that all of BC has some form of aboriginal claim of title and/or rights.  In fact, the land area of BC is oversubscribed with these asserted rights and title.  While it is the Provincial Government’s responsibility to resolve these claims, the number of actual treaties signed in the last two decades is surprisingly few.

This result has rendered the issue of land use difficult for First Nations who rely on the land for their sustenance.  It has also left developers with great uncertainty and thus increased risk for developing resources.

The renewable energy industry recognizes this situation and has taken the unprecedented step in directly working with First Nations to ensure that issues related to rights and title are either mitigated or accommodated.

Chinook is currently working with a number of Indian Bands, Alliances, Tribal Councils and First Nations that are potentially affected by the possible development of a wind energy project.  These relationships allow First Nations to either participate in and/or monitor the development process to ensure that rights and title are upheld to acceptable standards.